Immediately activate and join the promotion

How to promote the promotion

  Using pictures, words, links and other forms, it is issued to friends, post bars, forums, QQ groups, advertising sites, third party websites, etc.

On the AFF promotion process

  When the customer through the promotion of your link to an apricot, after the purchase of products can produce up to 20% of the Promotion Commission, the full 100 yuan commission can withdraw cash, less than 100 can be used to buy products and services.

  It is strictly forbidden to promote oneself, once found the order is not accepted!

Special concession code

  When you think your website traffic is large and the conversion rate is relatively high, you can contact your customer service to get your special discount code. Generally speaking, the special discount code given by conversion rate or website traffic and so on is 7-8 fold. How do you use special preferences? You can post your special concession code on your website and will be more attractive with the AFF promotion program.

Special description

1.The validity of Cookie is 30 days
2.If you recommend it to yourself, the system will detect that the referral is invalid.

Accurate statistics

You can look at promotion details and conversion efficiency at any time

Quick cash

The cumulative amount of the promotion commission is 100 yuan

Super High Commission

The promotion commission is up to 20%, and soon join us

You can add the following code on your website, jump address for your promotion link address, and get 20% rebate after purchase!

<a href="您的ID" target="_blank" >An apricot Web Accelerator</a>

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